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AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep

AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep. 11 8-Bit Hero


  1. Aquablade becomes trapped in Cyberspace and after running a while, finds two doors with flipped versions of the Blue Gem. Aquablade then enters the Super Mario Bros. game.
  2. Aquablade finds a clone of the orignal Mario in the game. They go to the right for a while, but finds Goombas and have to battle them. Aquablade then finds out the Mushrooms in this game only heal Mario, so he thinks that he will be killed in the next battle and cannot be revived at all.
  3. Aquablade and Mario finds a Koopa Trooper and battle them. When Aquablade faints during the battle, Mario says he cannot complete the world alone and Aquablade is needed, even if he is fainted, or in the Game Over screen.
  4. Mario gets to the end of the level, jumps on the flag, and continues to the next level in the world. He then manages to get to World 1-4 and find two 1-ups, so Aquablade can be revived.
  5. Mario faints around the time the battle with False Bowser takes place. Aquablade is revived, and he attacks the bubble shield three times while surviving Bowser's attacks. He then hits the pad, causing the False Bowser to fall into lava.
  6. After Aquablade finds the Blue Gem, the gem gets stolen by Roboblade. Aquablade then follows Roboblade and battles him in a pivot fight. After Roboblade falls to the ground, Aquablade celebrates, then Roboblade comes back from the ground and battles Aquablade and Mario.
  7. When Aquablade faints, the professor throws a vile at Roboblade which faints from the damage caused by the move. Aquablade then recovered the gem, but still does not know how to get out.
  8. He figures that they need to type in a password for Aquablade and the professor to get out of Super Mario Bros.

Description Edit

"This is probably one of the most memorable episodes of the series. A lot of people really enjoyed it, while a lot of others thought it was a stupid idea. Regardless, I wanted to use the idea of going inside of a video game, and adjusting the characters' sprites to match the quality of that particular video game. I feel like it is a fairly good episode if you like the concept. This is also the only episode of season 2 that contains a video game recording, and a battle made on pivot, like the sword-fight at the end of season 1. I was originally going to add more pivot fights in future episodes, but I got lazy and decided not to. Oh well, lets-a-go!"


  • This is the only episode of Season two to have a video game recording and also the only episode to have a fight scene made in Pivot.

Errors Edit

Grammar and Spelling errorsEdit

  1. Aquablade11 is incorrectly spelled "Aquiablade". Also, in the same sentence, the word Since is capitalized, which is grammatically incorrect because it is not a proper noun or the first word in the sentence.


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