AQUASHIELD11 on an average day.

Carl Edward Ronald Schitzmacken, aka AQUASHIELD11, is the absolute definition of the average Aquablade fanboy. He faps to the Aquabalde Chronicles, finds Aquablade and his uber form very attractive, and wants to have an orgy with the entire cast. But all of that aside, he's a pretty cool dude.

...nope. Couldn't keep a straight face while typing that last bit.

Early Life - 2009Edit

He was born in Iqaluit, NU, Canada in 1993 when his mother was trying to abort him. She figured that cold + baseball bat + Inuits would be able to kill her one night stand offspring. However, he demanded life, so he crawled out of her vagina. Sort of in the fashion of a demon. When she saw how handsome her son was, she decided to keep him. Just to find out 2 years later that he had Asperger's Syndrome, type 1 Diabetes, and HIV. It is also possible for him to have Syphilis.

He currently resides in Joliet, IL, USA, a town outside of Chicago. This puts him well within Aquablade's reach. AB, just a warning: prepare your anus.


AS11 had started a sprite series way back in 2009. However, after uploading two episodes, he decided to stop working on the



The first episode of the Aquashield Chronicles.

series. Both episodes were called "Moon Babes." This series was known to have the most negative feedback of all sprite series in the history of the art form. Carl also held a sprite contest, which he never got around to judging.

He has also appeared in a couple videos by TheSpriteStory. 

On Aquablade's ChatEdit

Carl first showed up on AB's chat in 2009. He was a very kind and polite guy who always aimed to please everybody. He would kindly direct people who needed help, complete any sprite requests given to him, never be rude to anybody, never call anybody a n00b, and he would always give compliments whenever possible, unlike some other brutes that go to AB's chat.

...Loljk. He raped everybody's buttholes.


Some may claim that AQUASHIELD11 is actually DryBones88. However, these claims are 100% false, and can easily be disproven.

Others may claim that Carl is a homosexual. These claims are also false. Rather, he is a bisexual, much like Craigofnel.


It is rumoured that Carl hung himself upon AB announcing the cancelling of the Aquablade Chronicles. While some agree that this is a very plausible theory, others know that he'd live just to be on the same planet as AB, no matter what kind of content he produces. However, we all know that Carl at least hates Nintendo now, even though the e-mail that AB received was 100% trolldom.

He could be getting high on a regular basis to cope though. If he didn't commit suicide, that is.

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