Aquablade11 is the main character in the Aquablade Chronicles. He is usually a Water Typed Pokémon Sprite, but he also has a human form. His main catchphrase is "Rock On!" He has obtained an Uber Form.


Button MashEdit


Button Mash in action.

Main article: Button Mash

Button Mash is a Fire Typed spriter move created by Aquablade. It is the first spriter move Aquablade learned to use, after facing Angragon in a round of Super Smash Bros. It is a group attack meaning that the attack will target all enemies, or all other allies if wanted.

Rock OnEdit


Rock On in action.

Main article: Rock On

Rock On is a Rock Typed move spriter created by Aquablade11. It is the second spriter move AB learned to use, after helping out the Pokémon band. Like Button Mash it is a group attack.

Water BlastEdit


Water Blast in action.

Main article: Water Blast

Water Blast is a Water Typed move that does damage to a specified target.



Sunrise in action.

Main article: Sunrise (Move)

Sunrise is a status move which gives the user a speed boost.

Aquaport Edit

Aquaport is a move that allows Aquablade to teleport anywhere he wants.



Revenge is an ability that allows the user to survive most forms of damage with one HP if the user has more than one HP before being damaged. This can be overridden if the user sustains additional damage from a second separate attack or other source of damage separate from the first one in the same turn.


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