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The Aquablade Chronicles was a series of videos created by YouTuber Aquablade11. The series is considered a "Sprite Story", as mostly consisted of fan-made Pokémon, dubbed "sprites", interacting and battling in a plot line involving Aquablade11 and his friends saving the world.

Generally, an episode of the series would last between 10 and 20 minutes, with the season finales being far longer in length.

The series was removed from Aquablade11's primary channel in 2011. Due to an outrage Aquablade started publishing most of the episodes back on the ABArchives account. He then removed the videos on the ABArchives account in 2017 and started reuploading all of the episodes including the prologue episodes, which he did not upload on ABArchives, and season three of the series, which he also didn't do before, for the 10th anniversary of his channel. However, he actually uploaded an additional episode never before seen on December 1, 2017 teasing the new season of the Aquablade Chronicles, Aquablade Chronicles: Sunrise.


  1. Aquablade Chronicles Season One
  2. Aquablade Chronicles: Belt of Infinity
  3. Aquablade Chronicles: Omen
  4. Aquablade Chronicles: Sunrise


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