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Aquablade Chronicles: Belt of Infinity is the second season of the Aquablade Chronicles. It introduced the Belt of Infinity as an item which eight gems and the belt itself had to be collected for great powers.


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Aquablade11 becomes king of the sprite world.

Darkrai takes over Aquablade Warrior in his plan to destroy the world. Aquablade learns of the Belt of Infinity

After merging with a clone of Sala, Vaur turns into Salavaur and becomes extremely powerful, having eight forms. When Aquablade and his friends fail to defeat him before he obtains his ultimate power, a whole army has to defeat him. However his army faints and he is the only one left to fight Salavaur. He gets the idea that he needs to go into his heart to defeat him. To defeat him, he had to use his Soul Bond with Justice to create the light attack needed to destroy his heart.

However, the fact he was able to break the Soul Bond so quickly and without difficulty was very tragic for him. He was unable to cope with this after finding out that she had to have also broken her side of the Soul Bond in order for it to actually break.

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