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Aquablade Chronicles is the first season of the Aquablade Chronicles series. The first season of the series has Aquablade Chronicles has 29 episodes. It revolved around the Dark Key, Erunder, and Volcano Phoenix.


The series starts with Aquablade11 talking about his sprite battle when Lava Goose appears and Aquablade reacts by saying that Lava Goose is the worst sprite he has ever made. Lava Goose wants revenge on Aquablade for this and him along with all of the other poorly made sprites that he made want to battle him. He wins and describes his channel.

A fake Aquablade pretends to be Aquablade.

Lava Goose tells Thundertongue that it is time to release the Dark One. Thundertongue asks Lava Goose how to release the Dark One and Lava Goose promptly answers that they must go to the place where he was sealed away - to a house in Series 4 Town. Lava Goose tries to release the Dark One but, seeing as he has no idea how to, fails. Just as he was going to try again, Dark Stalker interrupts, saying he was trying to sleep. He asks what they were doing and when Lava Goose tries to find an excuse, Thundertongue tells him, that they're going to release the Dark One. lava Goose shushes him, but he points out that it's two against one. Dark Stalker teleports away to tell Aquablade and Lava Goose sends Thundertongue after him.

At Aquablade's house, Dark Stalker and Thundertongue barge in and Dark Stalker tells Aquablade about Lava Goose.

After Lava Goose ordered Darkceus to destroy Earth, Aquablade11 is sent to a strange dimension, 'Nowhere Land'. He meets a sprite named Angragon who reveals that everybody on Earth was destroyed. However, she did manage to save everyone from the Sprite World, who all incidentally had there memories wiped while being transported to a new planet.

Aquablade realizes that he can't go any further with his basic moveset, and that he must learn a Sprite move. Aquablade beats DK in a Super Smash Bros. match and learns Button Mash as a result. He also learns how to perform a team move with Angragon while there, later nicknamed the 'Aquangragablade' in episode 7.

While Aquablade is training Lava Goose orders Darkceus to force him to evolve into Volcano Phoenix. VP then skips to Step 4 of his plan to take revenge against Aquablade11.

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