Aquablade11's Über form.

Aquablade11's Uber Form is a high power form of Aquablade11 first seen in Aquablade Chronicles.

When Aquablade11 first used this Uber Form, he was super powerful and invulnerable to damage. However after the fight with Erunder, this form became progressively less powerful, losing his invulnerability and his Uber form stats decreased over time. He lost his upgraded moves and he had to use his regular moves. He then found out he does not have the ability to use Aquaport in this form. Soon, he lost the ability to even transform to this form. Aquablade obtained this form when he obtained power from each type of Pokemon to defeat Erunder, and gave back his power in Heart of Darkness to revive a ton of Characters.

Moves Edit

Button Apocalypse Edit

The upgraded version of Button Mash. It is a fire typed move.

Rock On Now and Forever Edit

The upgraded version of Rock On. Like the downgraded version it is a Rock typed move and it is a group attack.

The upgraded version of Button Mash Edit

Aqua Rage Edit

The upgraded version of Water Blast Edit

Solar Eclipse Edit

A status move that fully restores Aquablade11's HP and cures him of all status conditions. It prevents him from attacking the next turn.

Button Mash Edit

He lost the ability to use Button Apocalypse, and after he lost it he had to use Button Mash.

Rock On Edit

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