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AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep

AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep. 3 Computer Geeks

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"This episode is terrible in my opinion. The dialogue is unprofessional and stupid, the only battle is won because of luck, and there are several plot holes. For example, how didn't John Fenton find ANY gems yet? He's been after them for years, and he has a radar that detects them. Also, how does Kyle Fenton not have a single computer in his lab? They needed to go fix Aquablade's for the radar to work. Like I said, these first 5 episodes are not an improvement from season 1 in any way yet."


Plot holds and contrivancesEdit

  1. Kyle Fenton should have had found at least one gen of the Belt of Infinity with the gen radar. However he doesn't.


Aquablade Chronicles: Belt of Infinity