Demonic Venom Lord, commonly referred to as DVL, is a Poison/Fire typed Pokémon Sprite. He appears in just about every episode of the Aquablade Chronicles and proceeds to help Aquablade in every single episode he's in.


Demonic VenomEdit

File:Demonic Venom.jpg

Demonic Venom is a move that badly poisons an enemy, as well as lowering Attack and Special Attack.

DVL likely learned it after figuring out the meaning of his name (Demonic Venom Lord) as Aquablade did to learn Water Blast.

Pyro Tackle Edit

Pyro Tackle is a Fire type move that is about as powerful as Flare Hawk's Lava Pit. It doesn't have any known side effects.

Heat Up Edit

When active, the whole party's attacks get a 1.5x multiplier and a slight chance of inflicting burn that stays up until DVL faints or the battle ends.

Lava Shield Edit

Completely protects DVL and another party member for a turn. It always fails against Water moves and lets Fire moves through to activate DVL's Flash Fire ability.


Trivia Edit

  • DVL's Lava Shield never failed onscreen.
  • DVL was the only one out of Aquablade's Sprites to be constantly on his side. In fact, the only time he fought against Aquablade was when he was mind controlled in the Salavaur battle.
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