Sketh, DryBones88's former fursona

She's not as evil as made out, she's actually quite nice but has a troll-like nature.

This person was in the end of AC's season 1 and in AC's season 2. But more importantly, she's dumb. But don't mess with her, because she is pretty good at debating.

She's not really notable for much. She's only ever completed one sprite series, and it was about a character named Hypthar who wasn't beaten by anybody until they all teamed up and defeated her. This series was started and completed in 2008. After this, her videos haven't been of any value whatsoever.

2012 - Present Edit

Since the xat chat died out and the spriting community became less affluent, DryBones88 packed up and left to become a full time furry artist.

DryBones88's YouTube and deviantART have been deactivated since 2013, and the DryBones88 alias has since fell off the face of the internet.

Also, it appears that she has an alternate deviantART called SketerComics, but it only has one deviation that was posted on January 8, 2012.


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