The Rules is the Pre-Episode of the Pokemon SoulSilver: Quest of The Chosen Six Series.

Video DescriptionEdit

"Every time I play through a Pokemon game, the most memorable thing about it, in my opinion, is the team that got me through it. I decided to make a challenge revolving around the concept of having one, special, and unique team that takes me from beginning to end. This episode was made simply as an introduction. If I tried to explain the rules of this challenge in episode 1, it would be too difficult to multitask. I apologize if this is a bit confusing, but please bare with me. This challenge is really not all that complicated once you understand the jist of it. Regardless, please enjoy, and I hope you look forward to this little experiment I made.

"The rules of this challenge are too long and intricate to fit in a description, so please refer to Episode 0 for details. Hey, that's this one!"