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Original creation date: April 18th, 2008

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Aquablade Chronicles- Ep

Aquablade Chronicles- Ep. 1 Release of The Dark One


The first episode starts off with Lava Goose telling Thundertongue that it is time to release the Dark One. Thundertongue asks Lava Goose how to release the Dark One and Lava Goose promptly answers that they must go to the the place where he was sealed away - to a house in Series 4 Town. Lava Goose tries to release the Dark One but, seeing as he has no idea how to, fails. Just as he was going to try again, Dark Stalker interrupts, saying he was trying to to sleep. He asks what they were doing and when Lava Goose tries to find an excuse, Thundertongue tells him, that they're going to release the Dark One. lava Goose shushes him, but he points out that it's two against one. Dark Stalker teleports away to tell Aquablade and Lava Goose sends Thundertongue after him.

At Aquablade's house, Dark Stalker and Thundertongue barge in and Dark Stalker tells Aquablade about Lava Goose.

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"This is the video that started it all: the very first real episode of the Aquablade Chronicles. On my old account, however, I made random sprite battles that actually led up to this, but nothing important storyline-wise happened in them, except we did see how exactly Lava Goose obtains the Dark Key. Not really TOO important, but I felt I should mention it. Regardless, this episode is very crappy, but it is considered a classic."


"☀We're finally here. The first official episode to this classic yet terrible series. Say what you will about the quality and overall setup, I think it was alright. Certainly not actually "good" by any means, but it's simple and understandable. Unlike some of the later ones, which we'll get to. Oh, and the song at the very end (November Rain) was copyright claimed, so it had to be removed, unfortunately. Please enjoy regardless, and rock on!"


Aquablade Chronicles Season One
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