Roboblade is a robotic replica of Aquablade11 who used to hate his original incarnation. Roboblade started as a Wheel Gator created by John Fenton until Skullsaber suggested to turn him into Roboblade.

Appearance Edit

Roboblade is a recolored Wheel Gator from Megaman. His Uber Form is a recolor of Eregion from the same series.

History Edit

Season 2: Belt of Infinity Edit

Wheel Gator is presented to Skullsaber by John Fenton along with the other robots in the episode Computer Geeks. Skullsaber tells John Fenton about an idea he has with Wheel Gator. Soon Aquablade and Demonic Venom Lord come across Wheel Gator and Wheel Gator collects Aquablade's data.

In Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Wheel Gator reintroduces himself as Roboblade.

In All-Out War, Roboblade pushes Aquablade into an angry crowd when he tries to escape it with an Aquaport.

Roboblade battles Aquablade for the first time in 8-Bit Hero, revealing he has all of Aquablade's attacks and three HP bars. Roboblade loses because Aquablade has help from DVL and Angelecticea. Roboblade follows Aquablade into cyberspace where he fights Aquablade and Mario. Roboblade nearly defeats Aquablade but Professor Kyle Fenton defeats him with a Chemical Vial.

Roboblade returns in Robotic Rumble saying he has a few nifty tricks. With help from Flare Hawk, Aquablade is able to take on Roboblade until Roboblade reveals his Uber form. Roboblade defeats Aquablade, but when Crimson Scythe arrives he is outmatched because Crimson Scythe trained to take on Aquablade. Crimson Scythe explains Roboblade gained some of Aquablade's personailty when he collected his data, giving him emotions. He also explains Roboblade does not want to listen to John Fenton causing him to get confused. Roboblade defeats Crimson Scythe alongside Fentonbot. Roboblade's Uber form is destroyed by Professor Fenton's Pokémon.

In Heart of Darkness, Roboblade decides to join the good side. He heals all of the spriters so they can fight Salavaur. Roboblade teams up with Aquablade to take on Salavaur's heart. Roboblade is destroyed but he is successful in aiding Aquablade.

In BoI Epilogue, Aquablade repairs Roboblade and makes him part of the Elite Four of the Sprite World.

Season 3: Omen Edit

In Omen Prologue, Roboblade is shown discussing the recent plague that's sweeping through the Sprite World in the Elite Four Meeting Room, and informs the other Elite Four members that he found a dead person earlier that day. When Crimson Scythe asks him if he investigated, he reveals that the person died from hunger, and comes to the conclusion that if they don't find a way to solve the problem, more people are going to die, either from the disease or from hunger (because the plague is making people too paranoid to eat anything). Each member of the Elite Four is then assigned a different task to help solve the problem, and Roboblade's is to go see Professor Kyle Fenton and ask him if he can find a cure for the disease.

Moves Edit

Button Mash Edit

Main Article: Button Mash
Button Mash is a Fire typed move created by Aquablade. Roboblade takes this move and strengthens it.

Rock On Edit

Main Article: Rock On
Rock On is a Rock typed moved created by Aquablade11. Roboblade takes this move and strengthens it.

Water Blast Edit

Main Article: Water Blast
Water Blast is a Water typed move that does damage to a specified target.

Aquaport Edit

Main Article: Aquaport
Aquaport allows Roboblade to teleport wherever he wants. If Roboblade Aquaports his opponent in the air it does damage to them.

Uber Form Edit

Button Apocalypse Edit

Main article: Button Apocalypse
A stronger version of Button Mash.

Aqua Rage Edit

Main article: Aqua Rage
A stronger version of Water Blast.

Final Sunrise Edit

Main article: Final Sunrise
A move unique to Uber Roboblade. It hits all foes and is presumably Fire typed.

Wheel Gator Edit

Data Collect Edit

Main article: Data Collect
A move that allows Wheel Gator to collect data on an opponent's moves and add them to his own moveset. It's revealed in "Robotic Rumble" that it can also collect data on an opponent's personality.

Quotes Edit

"Take THAT, imposter!!!"

"Heh. I have to admit, your attacks and abilities are pretty pwnage. Too bad I have stronger versions of all of them!!!"

"Gee, thanks a lot. Now Aquablade, I have a few nifty powers I'd like to show you. What do you say?"

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