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Aquablade Chronicles Ep. 2 Training


After Lava Goose ordered Darkceus to destroy Earth, Aquablade11 is sent to a strange dimension, 'Nowhere Land'. He meets a sprite named Angragon who reveals that everybody on Earth was destroyed. However, she did manage to save everyone from the Sprite World, who all incidentally had there memories wiped while being transported to a new planet.

Aquablade realizes that he can't go any further with his basic moveset, and that he must learn a Sprite move. Aquablade beats DK in a Super Smash Bros. match and learns Button Mash as a result. He also learns how to perform a team move with Angragon while there, later nicknamed the 'Aquangragablade' in episode 7.

While Aquablade is training Lava Goose orders Darkceus to force him to evolve into Volcano Phoenix. VP then skips to Step 4 of his plan to take revenge against Aquablade11.

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"This episode is living proof that I had no idea what I was doing at this point. For example, the animations are all terrible, the dialogue just drags on and on, I didn't know how to delete the white background from behind sprites, and I didn't now you could fill a text box with a certain colour. These were actually the main reasons I did not use backgrounds for quite awhile. I hope you enjoy nonetheless."

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