A brief history of Umby:

Umby was born.

Umby grew up.

Umby saw Zazazfest. That was the worst mistake of his life, as it followed to him getting pestered by a kid who claimed to jizz just at the mentioning of his name.

Umby went to Burn's prom with everyone at Aquablade's chat, which was the best moment of his life.

Umby then got a job at Asda, where he met his beautiful wife, Jemima. They were married for 36 years before she was involved in a car crash at the age of 42.

Umby then died the next year from AIDS, claimed to have been caught after a night at Zazazfest's house, at the age of 74.

He was then ressurected, and proceeded to stab Zazazfest 23 times, killing the ugly bug. Sadly, his revenge was short lived, as he died when DWC's stripper pole came out of nowhere and skewered him.